Refunds Policy

I. Search engine submission and optimization takes time and careful analysis. Generally, you can expect to wait 8 - 12 weeks for the free submission websites to begin to displaying your website in their results. After this, we will analyze how the major search engines have interpreted your website and possibly tweak the key phrases, depending on the preliminary results. Since search engine optimization is literally a months-long process, and for this reason we strongly recommend that our clients also pay to be added to the directory, which has a guaranteed 7 business day turn-around.

II. We do not accept every client who asks us for search engine optimization. We take pride in this because we will not do work that will not produce results for our clients. Why won't we take any search engine optimization client that comes our way? In some cases, the market is overly saturated for your key terms. If you own a bookstore in Cedar Falls, Iowa it is unreasonable to expect that your website will beat out for the search term "books". Why? one of the ways that most search engines determine your rank is by the number of other websites that are linked to you. It is very unlikely that a small business will ever get more links to it than a e-commerce monster like Amazon.

III. We do not recommend search engine optimization for websites hosted on "free servers" such as and, as too many search engines penalize against websites hosted on these free servers. Please consider having your website transferred to its own web server hosted by electron design.

IV. Our refund policy has restrictions: We will not refund fees paid to Yahoo or other 3rd party services and websites. You will receive a refund for the fees paid directly to electron design for SEO services. Also, in the case of extremely competitive search phrases, for instance, there may be instances where a longer period of time than 7 months might be needed. Clients with websites that fall into these competitive categories will be notified beforehand. Remember we don't take every client that comes along, only the ones that we can really help. Hey, what does "significantly" mean anyhow? Well, it depends on your website and keyword targets. Request a free website analysis and we'll let you know what we can do for you and what "significantly" means for your site.

V. We are proud to adhere to "best practices" in our search engine optimization. Before you consider our website optimization services, please take a moment to read what Google has to say about search engine optimizers.

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