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We can help your business gain greater web presence with carefully selected search terms to focus on your key services. SEO Terms & Conditions

1. The SEO service will be performed to the best of SEO Bank LTD ability. Ranking results will be performed once or twice per month, as agreed by both parties.

2. Results are based on listings on www.Google.co.uk and up to 3 other top search engines, unless otherwise agreed by SEO Bank LTD

3. Search Engine Optimisation does not include Search Engine Registration unless otherwise agreed by SEO Bank LTD, and paid for, if necessary, by the client. SEO Bank LTD currently uses free registration services from Google, Yahoo, ExactSeek, EntireWeb, SearchHippo, ScrubTheWeb & WhatUSeek; results have also been gained, but cannot be guaranteed, within MSN, AltaVista & AOL. Please view the relevant website Terms & Conditions for terms of registration.)

4. Please bear in mind, your website's ranking with a particular Search Term will rely on both the relevancy of that term on your pages, and the popularity of that term on other websites.

5. Both SEO Set Up and Updates require FTP access to the website, or a contact email address for someone who will upload changes as requested.

6. Your website should be hosted on a reliable server, based in the UK (or the country of Search Engine interest), with constant availability, for optimimum results. Should SEO Bank LTD recommend changing your host or server, this is to protect the interests of your website's ranking within the Search Engines. SEO Bank LTD cannot be held responsible for slipping or unsatisfactory Search Engine Ranking results if SEO suggestions have not been adhered to.

7. SEO Bank LTD cannot be held responsible for problems or additional costs arising due to any errors made by third parties, or failure to maintain a current copy of your own website. (Back ups can be made at your request.) 8.Payment to be recieved before work comences on clients URL. 9. If you wish to discuss these Terms & Conditions, or any other Search Engine related topic, please feel free to contact SEO Bank LTD.

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